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The 2016 Hamersley Gift


Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach




Saturday 26th November 2016.

The Hamersley LAC Professional Gift event is held in conjunction with Hamersley Little Athletics Centre’s Saturday morning program. It traditionally attracts a crowd of around 600-800 spectators gathered very close to the action. The events are handicapped giving each competitor an equal chance of winning.

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Tony K

Tony Krsticevic MLA – Member for Carine


The events are handicapped giving each competitor an equal chance of winning.

Events and Prize money

  • Hamersley 120m Open Gift – $2500
  • George Strickland 120m Novice Gift – $600
  • Dave Dilley 120m Junior Gift (U16 entries are FREE) – $250
  • Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift – $600

Novice meaning: Not won a Pro race before.


Professional league podium winners and place getters will be awarded 3,2 & 1 points for their respective club. Points are totaled and the winning club will be presented the 2016 WCAL Championship Team Shield after the conclusion of the two WCAL pro events (Mullewa and Hamersley Gifts).

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Prime Trophies2016/17 WCAL Championship Points – Final

North Beach Athletics: 17

Curtin Athletics Club: 17

Melville Roar: 9

University of WA: 5

Cockburn | Mandurah/Rockingham | Masters WA: 0

Blues Bounce Back To Claim Victory!


The North Beach Athletics Professional running team has come from no where to claim the 2016/17 WCAL Championship Title.

Starting the day with 0 points from the first pro meeting in Mullewa, the Blues had a home ground advantage and lot of serious running to do in the handicap racing format. The Championship leaders Curtin (13) needed 6 more points from today’s events to secure their first ever WCAL Championship victory. Amazingly North Beach won all four events and gained enough points (17) to draw with leaders Curtin Athletics Club (17) for the shared victory of the prestigious shield.

Multi event athlete Leah Richards (16m) won the Dave Dilley U16 Junior 120m Gift and collects a $120 first prize from team mates and fellow all rounders Etienne Rousseau (7m) and Caden Barnett (20m) who filled the minor placings.

William Reinicke (23.25m) burst out of the blocks with a fast start and held on to win the $300 first prize in the George Strickland Novice 120m Gift. An excellent sprinting effort from Courteney Hall (29m) saw her finish in 3rd place.

In the Tony Krstisevic MLA 550m Gift Adam Kopp (20m) blazed home to become the first male ever to win the race and earned himself $300 in the process. His very impressive run and time also matched the performance of 2016 Olympian & 2013 Peel Gift 550m winner Peter Bol (21m). It was a sensational win almost 4 year’s ago when (then 18yo) Bol powered home off the 21m handicap to just beat home North Beach’s Shane Saltmarsh in the 2013 Peel 550m Gift (earning Bol $1500 first prize and the 2013 WCAL Hightlight of the Year Award). Both Bol & Kopp  ran 1.13.80sec for their 550m wins with Adam’s run coming from 1m further back (and aged 1 year younger than Bol).

Peel resident and long time Blues member Rhys Davies wins the major race of the day and $1250 first prize in the 2016 Hamersley Open 120m Gift Final. It was his third title win at Charles Riley Reserve previously winning the (George Strickland) races in January 2014 & 2015. Stable mate and captain Courteney Hall (28.5m) held on strongly again in the end to finish 3rd in the final.

“Incredibly proud of our team today”, explains Head Coach Paul Edmiston “There were a lot of quality runners here, and I’m really proud of the way we dug in and gave it our best shot”.

“I had honestly thought winning the championship was beyond us after Mullewa, but it just shows what can happen when you don’t give up (win or lose). Sometimes people forget, losing is part of winning and professional running highlights this more than amateurs, I think athletes are missing a very important experience if they don’t participate in the Pro’s! It can make them MUCH tougher”, says Edmiston.

Full Results: http://wcal.com.au/uncategorized/2016-hamersley-gift/

Photo L-R: Said Shah, Kobi Evans, Adam Kopp, Courteney Hall & Leah Richards.

Hamersley Open 120m Gift Winners:

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time

2016: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.11sec

2015: Rhys Davies (22.5m) 12.24sec George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift & Breanna Fallows (24m) 13.64sec –  Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift

2014: Rhys Davies (23.5m) 12.15sec – George Strickland Men’s 120m Gift & Amy Tolcon (11m) 13.36sec – Dave Dilley Women’s 120m Gift

2014: Heinrich Rass – (16.5m) 12.09sec

2013: Kiara Reddingius  – (27m) 12.214sec

2012: Isabella Valuri – (28m) 12.26sec

2011: Tenneille Triggwell – (27.25m) 12.09sec

2010: Mathew Short – (10.5m) 12.40sec

Tony Krsticevic MLA 550m Gift Winners:

Year        Name                H/Cap        Time

2016: Adam Kopp (20m) 1.13.80

2014: Ellie Nagle – (125m) 1.05.6sec

2013: Jesse Huria – (125m) 1.09.92sec

2012: Isabella Valuri – (125m) 1.07.06sec

2011: Kirstie Morrison – (157m) 1.04.00sec

2010: No Race

WCAL Championship Team Winners

2015/16 – North Beach Athletics & Curtin Athletics Club

2014/15 – North Beach Athletics (WCAL Cup)

2013/14 – North Beach Athletics

2012/13 – North Beach Athletics

2011/12 – North Beach Athletics