Congratulations Todd Davey!

He wins the SPORTS AWARD from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.videoezy-individualpage-banner


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of October 2016! Todd wins this award for creating a new Australian Record & winning a World Masters Championship Silver medal this month. He has always been an outstanding contributor for our club and we hope that continues for many more years to come. Todd becomes the 4th dual winner of this award!

Age:  50
Height: 190
Nickname: Gramps
Star sign:  Libra
Start athletics: 14 (1980)
Pet: YogiBear (Japanese Akita Dog)
Job: Safety & Risk Management Professional
Biggest influence: Matt Barber
Superstitious: Always put the left shoe on first when throwing.
Sporting hero: Virgilius Alekna (2 x Olympic Discus Champion)
Athletic event: Discus and Shot Put
Athletic meet: World Masters Athletics Championships
Movie: Sicario
Movie snack: Anything
Video game: Haha I’m old so probably PacMan or Space Invaders
Music: AC/DC
Shop: Barbagallos Sports Cars😝
Meal: Steak and 3 Veg
Drink: Red Bull Sugar Free
Holiday spot: Cuba or Brazil
Place to relax: The Lounge
Other sports: Golf
What would you do with $1M: Reluctantly hand it to my wife to do something useful with as she is the one in charge of the $$$ in the house haha

What I like about North Beach Athletics: Gotta love the atmosphere and Paul and Sarah Edmo😜