Etienne R

Congratulations Etienne Rousseau!

Etienne wins the SPORTS AWARD from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.videoezy-individualpage-banner


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of July 2016! Etienne started with the Blues at the beginning of winter 2016 training after being selected on the WA junior team. He had only learned throwing events until then but now he also shows signs of having quite decent speed too. A great listener with a good attitude we look forward to having him around the club!

Age: 13
Height: 185cm
Nickname: Tjen
Star Sign: Pisces
When did I start Athletics: Started throws in Oct 2015. Sprints in June 2016.
Pets: ️17 year old sister and dog called Matilda
What would I do with $1 Million?  Save it for emergencies
Ideal Future Job: Professional Athlete
Biggest Influence: A combination of close friends and family
Am I superstitious: No


Sporting Hero: Konrad Bukowieki
Athletics events: 100m, 200m, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin
Athletics meeting: Rio Olympics 2016
Movie or Video: Hancock
Movie Snacks: Popcorn with mixed M&M’s
Video Game: League of Legends
Music: Wide music taste from rap to classical
Shop: Rebel Sport
Meal: Beef burger
Drink: Milk
Holiday Spot: Vancouver, Canada.
Place to Relax: Perth Athletics Stadium
Other Sports: More athletics

What I like about North Beach Athletics: The friendly but focused attitude that everyone carries with them.