Jazmin Spray

Congratulations Jazmin Spray!

Jazmin wins the JUNIOR SPORTS AWARD from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.

Video Ezy


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of May 2016! Since joining the Blues at the start of Winter training Jazzy has shown a tremendous effort to improve her performances. The club always welcomes another happy spirit and looks forward to her improved results this season!

Age: 12
Height: 160cm
Nickname: Jaz
Star Sign: Capricorn
When did I start Athletics: Under 7’s
Pets: ️Paddington (dog) Kimba (cat)
What would I do with $1 Million?  Trip around the Australia
Ideal Future Job: Athlete
Biggest Influence: Mum
Am I superstitious: No


Sporting Hero: Usain Bolt
Athletics events: Hurdles
Athletics meeting: States
Other team: Eagles
Movie or Video: Dumb and Dumber
Movie Snacks: Popcorn
Video Game: FIFA 16
Music: Pop
Shop: Rebel
Meal: Pink salmon
Drink: Ice tea
Holiday Spot: Mauritius
Place to Relax: Beach
Other Sports: Soccer

What I like about North Beach Athletics: Friends and training