Burt & Rachel

Congratulations Rachel Bruursema & Burt Cockley!

Rachel & Burt (pictured above) win 2 x SPORTS AWARDS from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month – June! Rachel has made great progress since joining the club in April. Her regular and consistent efforts at training has increased her strength and improved her running speed significantly.  Having never seriously sprinted before, Rachel is a fantastic example to others starting the sport for the first time.


Age: 26
Height: 165cm
Star sign: Pisces
Occupation: Health Research Assistant for Silver Chain Group
Favourite Athletics events: Don’t know yet!
Favourite Athletics meeting: Don’t know yet!
Favourite Music: Not very picky
Favourite clothing label:
Favourite Meal: Sushi
Favourite dessert: Coconut ice cream
Favourite drink: Solo
Favourite holiday spot: Home to Kansas City to see my family
Favourite other sport: Gymnastics/Dance
Sporting Hero: Burt Cockley
Place to relax: Home
What I would do with 1 million dollars: Flip houses, get my PhD in Clinical Psych, and take time to travel
Ideal future job: Clinical Psychologist and Emotion Researcher
When did I start Athletics: April 20, 2015
Biggest Influence: My Dad
Pre comp ritual: N/A
Am I superstitious: I’m really not
What I like about North Beach Athletics: Great people, fun program, and seeing myself improve!


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month – June! Former international cricketer Burt has been a welcome addition to the squad. He has brought a wealth of experience and professionalism with him that he has learned throughout his career. A great role-model Burt has been elevated to the top leadership position as our new Club Captain!

Age: 29
Height: 185cm
Nickname: ‘Burto’ or something silly around my first and last name
Star sign: Aries
Occupation:  Full-time student (sport science), S&C coach at Guildford Grammar School and run my own S&C business “Cockley Performance Systems
Favourite Athletics events: Olympics
Favourite Athletics meeting: The athletics world is new to me but I have always admired and watched the Stawell Gift from a young age
Favourite Music: Depends on my mood. Varies from Limb Bizkit to love songs 🙂 Love old school but favourite is Bon Jovi
Favourite clothing label: Anything that has the colour blue
Favourite Meal: Eggs, salmon, avocado and sweet potato
Favourite dessert: Caramel slice
Favourite drink: Coffee
Favourite holiday spot: I love nature and the great outdoors, so anywhere new and exciting to go explore
Favourite other sport: Im a sport geek, love all sports. Cricket, Rugby League, Athletics, Cycling, Olympic Weightlifting, Formula one
Sporting Hero: Paul Harragon (Rugby League player from Newcastle)
Place to relax: Beach or on the lounge
What I would do with 1 million dollars: Find a really good financial planner. Invest, buy property, live off the interest and expand my business. And probably go on a holiday, for a long time!
Ideal future job: Coaching athletes and helping them perform at the highest level
When did I start Athletics: 10 weeks ago!
Biggest Influence: My Dad
Pre comp ritual: Never been in an athletics meet. But I can safely say it won’t be different to my professional cricket playing days. It will consist of a really strong coffee, headphones in listening to music relaxing in my own little world.
Am I superstitious: No. Preparation is key.
What I like about North Beach Athletics: Having spent the last 10 years only around cricket, it has been refreshing being around a different sport and also being around driven and determined young athletes. The environment is professional and good reason for a lot of success of the last few seasons. Everybody has been welcoming and accepting of Rach and I which has made it even more enjoyable. Im really looking forward to the upcoming season and being apart of this success club.