Congratulations Sarah Sundquist!

Sarah (pictured above) wins the JUNIOR SPORTS AWARD from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of April! Sarah has been an outstanding member and athlete since joining the club in 2012. Winning the last 3 state championships in her favourite event. She has begun her first winter training program and we are certain this will improve her performances in the future.

Age: 14
Height: 176 cm
Nickname: None
Star sign: Sagittarius
Occupation: Student
Favourite athletics events: Hurdles
Favourite athletics meeting: States
Favourite clothing label: Peppermayo
Favourite meal: Pasta
Favourite dessert: Sticky date pudding
Favourite drink: Ice tea
Favourite holiday spot: Margret River
Favourite other sport: Horse riding
Sporting hero: Sally Pearson
Place to relax: At the beach
What I would do with a million dollars: Buy clothes and horses and something for the family
Ideal future job: Model, Athlete, or Vet
When did I start Athletics: Under 8’s
Biggest influence: My mum
Pre comp ritual: Close my eyes, breathe, and visualise the perfect race
Am I superstitious: I lift my feet at train tracks

What I like about North Beach Athletics:  I have fun when I’m training and everybody’s so friendly