Gabi Jason

Congratulations Gabrielle Jason!

Gabi (above left) wins the JUNIOR SPORTS AWARD from Video Ezy which includes a FREE New Release.


Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of February! Gabi has a tremendous attitude towards her sport. She is always smiling and willing to give it her best effort no matter what the task. This has resulted in some great performances this season.

Age: 13
Height: 163cm
Nickname: Gabi to friends, Pip to family.
Star sign: Scorpio.
Occupation:  scholar
Favourite Athletics events: 100m and 200m
Favourite Athletics meeting: Saturday morning comp at little athletics.
Favourite clothing label: running bare
Favourite Meal: pork belly
Favourite dessert: Ice-cream cheese cake
Favourite drink: soda water with lemon
Favourite holiday spot: coral bay or Bali
Favourite other sport: I don’t do another sport.
Sporting Hero: Usain Bolt
Place to relax: my bed or anywhere quiet
What I would do with 1 million dollars: donate half to charity and buy a stand up paddle board with what’s left
Ideal future job: undecided
When did I start Athletics: when I was 11
Biggest Influence: what my parents and friends think of me
Pre comp ritual: I take a moment to relax then do a calm warm up and basically try not to work myself up
Am I superstitious: about some things
What I like about North Beach Athletics: the friendly atmosphere and the sense of achievement you have when you wake up with sore muscles the next day.