The 74yo crowd favourite and North Beach/Karrinyup Masters Champion Barrie Kernaghan has won the 2015 Melville LAC 120m Gift.

Melville 120m

The Australian Masters representative and former Blues President ran 12.05sec from the 39.25m handicap and was very well supported in the heats and final by the large Melville Little Athletics audience. He was joined on the presentation dias by 15yo Junior Blue Daniel Cruickshank who was runner up in the $650 race with team mates Heinrich Rass finishing 5th, Anton De Francesch 6th and John Ackerman in 8th positions.

“I would like to thank all my younger training partners at North Beach for training with me and improving my form” Kernaghan says. “Trying to keep up with them has run me into good shape”.

Cruickshank also finished runner up in the U17 Boys Junior Roar 100m Gift. With Rass taking fourth place.

In the $500 Melville 550m Gift race Jane Stockley came in 4th position with Barrie Kernaghan 7th.

Another great effort in round 4 by all the North Beach Pro Team members!

Round 5 of the WCAL Championship series heads back home to Charles Riley Reserve, North Beach on Saturday February 7th 9-11am.

Melville 120m Gift Final
1st – $330 + trophy, 2nd -$120, 3rd – $80, 4th – $45, 5th – $30, 6th – $20, 7th – $15, 8th $10.
Event 11 – 10.30am Melville 120m Gift Final
Colour Name Mark Place Time
Red Bryce Teo 7.25 3 12.38
White Anton de francesch 8.75 6 12.55
Blue John Ackermann 12.5 7 12.68
Yellow Daniel Cruickshank 14 2 12.26
Green Heinrich Rass 14.5 5 12.49
Pink Gary Ferguson 14.75 8 12.71
Black Caleb White 16 3 12.38
Grey Barrie Kernaghan 39.25 1 12.05