We welcome our new sponsor Primo Cucina!

Primo Cucina 1

Located at Hillarys

Primo Cucina is the result of a life long passion for food and the places in which it is served. Our initial intention was to create a place where  our clients could feel at home. Restaurants that are not only considered for their food and ambiance, but also for their personality and identity.

Homemade & genuine dishes will always play a key role in the dining experience at Primo Cucina. The menus will show progression &  italian tradition at its highest peak and in what it delivers, whilst always retaining the necessity of maximum flavour. Our wines will continue to be representative of the regions from which they are from, maintaining tradition in the grape varieties used, and reflective of the people who make them.The restaurants will always be an evolving project, one that adjusts its approach when new ideas and concepts become apparent.

All North Beach Members will recieve 10% discount at the Hillarys Restaurant (all year round). Just mention ‘North Beach Athletics’ upon your arrival. Primo Cucina has extended this offer to Hamersley Little Athletics Centre members as well.

NBAthlete of the Month will recieve 25% discount off your bill or a FREE bottle of wine.

Primo Cucina is an excellent restaurant that we can recommend. It is a family orientated italian restaurant with prime food.  If you haven’t eaten here you’re missing out!

Give the Hilarys restaurant a call on  08 9403 4225.

Visit Primo Cucina’s website here and book online!