MIke Arnatt

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Winner of NBAthlete of the Month of June! The Masters 100m & 200m State Champion has gone above and beyond the call of duty this month gathering valuable supplies for the club. Unfortunately, the supplies didn’t prove to be valuable but we thank him anyway! Always putting in a great effort Mike has undergone a shoulder operation recently and we wish him a speedy recovery.

: 34

Nickname: Biscuit

Star sign: Aquarius

Occupation: Procurement for Citic Pacific Mining

Favourite Athletics events:  60m, 100m, long jump

Favourite Athletics meeting: I haven’t been to many yet

Favourite clothing label: Nike

Favourite Meal: Steak from Hippo Creek

Favourite dessert: ice cream

Favourite drink: Caramel thick shake

Favourite holiday spot: Margaret River with the kids. Id love to travel through USA one day

Favourite other sport: Basketball and soccer

Place to relax: no such place exists when you have two young kids

What I would do with 1 million dollars:  pay off my mortgage, travel through USA and buy a new HSV.

Who I would take with me to a deserted island: . Jennifer Love Hewitt. For the conversation of course.

When did I start Athletics: . Jan/Feb 2014.

Biggest Influence: .

Pre comp ritual: Use a foam roller.

Am I superstitious: . No, not really.

What I like about North Beach Athletics: Very encouraging environment and good coaching.