David Cicchini

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Congratulations David Cicchini!

 Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of February! Dave (pictured above) has shown good leadership, attendance and form at training this month. He is warmly welcomed back to the mighty BLUES senior squad after a two year absence.

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Dave wins a $50 Bella’s Restaurant meal, a Boost Juice voucher and a free new release from Video Ezy.

Age: 26 

Nick name: Chiccas/ Pas

Star sign: Pisces

Favourite Athletics events: 100m 

Favourite Athletics meeting:  4 x100m relay

Favourite clothing label: Don’t have a particular favourite. 

Favourite dessert: Chocolate Muffins

Favourite drink: Coke

Favourite holiday spot: Gold Coast

Favourite other sport: Indoor Soccer

Place to relax: Beach

What I would do with 1 million dollars: Pay off the house and travel the world

Who I would take with me to a deserted island: Whoever wants to come

When did I start Athletics: 2010

Biggest Influence: Team mates 

Pre comp ritual: Doing push ups or jumping in the air then doing the best strut towards the blocks

Am I superstitious: hmmmmmmm ahhh no

What I like about NBAthletics:  The people and the fact that there’s always good banter. 

Favourite Training Moment:  Hearing shorty complain when I beat him in starts or 60m.  But the best moment is when the clock hit 7:15pm and Leigh grabbed some starting blocks from the gym, ran out onto the oval and #?!*+=……………. (well maybe just ask him to find out what happened).

The Future:  To get fitter, stronger, quicker and to win a pro race