2014 Australian Junior

Athletics Championships


North Beach Results

U14G 80m hurdles

6th place - (heat) Courteney Hall (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 14.63sec (+0.3) Inj

*Unfortunately Courteney has withdrawn from the rest of her #AJAC14 campaign because of injury.

U15B 100m hurdles

2nd place - (final) Adriaan Pelser (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 14.38sec (+0.7)

U14G 4x100m Relay

2nd place - (final) WESTERN AUSTRALIA (Hannah Whitbread) 51.07sec

U14G 100m

3rd place - (heat) Hannah Whitbread (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 13.07secQ (+1.1)

U15B 100m

9th place - (heat) Adriaan Pelser (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 25.48sec (-0.4)

U14G 100m

6th place - (final) Hannah Whitbread (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 13.05sec (-0.6)

U14G 200m

2nd place - (heat) Hannah Whitbread (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 27.07secQ (-0.8)

U14G 200m

4th place - (final) Hannah Whitbread (WESTERN AUSTRALIA) 26.20sec PB (+1.5)

Live Results

Live Steam

Friday afternoon session #AJAC14

Adriaan Pelser (lane 7) in the U15B 100m hurdles final at the 1.34.00min mark.

Saturday morning session #AJAC14.

Hannah Whitbread in lane 1 of the 100m (heat 1) from the 2.06.00min mark on the replay.

Hannah in the U14G 200m Heats at 1.33.00min.

Hannah in the U14G 200m Final (in lane 8) at 1.48.37min.

Finishes in 4th place.