Congratulations April Brough!

 Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of September ! Apey (pictured above) has shown great commitment at training this month. Joining the club during winter Apey is making a come back to athletics in the 2013/14 season. She was the underage NZ 100m & 200m champion as well as finishing 4th place in the 100m  at the Open Australian National Championships in 2008.


Apey wins a $50 Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant meal.

Age: Retro 80’s baby

 Nickname: Apey

 Starsign: Virgo

 Fav / Athletics meeting: All of them! Love it! 

 Fav / Clothing label: Nike / In DF

 Fav/ Dessert: Lemon meringue pie

 Fav / Drink: NZ water! 

 Fav/ Holiday spot: Bali

 Fav / Other sport: Rugby League and surfing

 Place to relax: The track/beach

 What would you do with $1million: Buy a farm and rescue a bunch of RSPCA dogs.

Who would you take with you to a deserted island: Bear Grylls

When did you start Athletics: 12 years

 Biggest Influence:  Mistakes 

 Pre comp ritual: I visualise winning the race in every lane.

 Are you superstitious: Yes

 What do you like about North Beach Athletics: The people, close knit team and the laughs!

 Favourite Training moment: Currently it is coming out alive/one piece.

The Future: …is always bright! :p

Bella Fonte Italian-Restaurant-Perth