Congratulations Brittanny Brymer!

Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of July! Newcomer Britt (pictured above) has shown great commitment and attendance this month. The acclaimed Surf Lifesaver has recently joined North Beach Atheltics to improve her speed. She has so far been a great contributor for the mighty BLUES at training!

Brittanny wins a $50 Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant meal and $20 Slater-Gartrell Sports voucher.

Slater Gartrell

Age: 19

Nickname: britt, b-rymer

Starsign: Aries

Fav / Athletics meeting: any pro races

Fav / Clothing label: Lululemon Athletica

Fav/ Dessert: gelato

Fav / Drink: water

Fav/ Holiday spot: QLD

Fav / Other sport: surf life saving
Place to relax: The beach
What would you do with $1million: open a yoga & Pilates based physiotherapy practice
Who would you take with you to a deserted island: my sister!
When did you start Athletics: 7 years old

Biggest Influence: my Grandad

Pre comp ritual: nail panting
Are you superstitious: nope!
What do you like about North Beach Athletics: the people!

Favourite Training moment: running with Eamon Sullivan

The Future: physiotherapist & open a practice of my own. Represent Australia in surf life saving 🙂

Bella Fonte Italian-Restaurant-Perth