Masters Athlete – Todd Davey

Todd discus

Recently Todd has done a Winter Offseason Throws Pentathlon at WAAS (formal) yesterday in the rain with a howling northerly.

Scored 3237 points which is 99 points short of his state record, so pretty good in those conditions with wet and slippery throwing circles.

He is off to Cairns on the 9th of August for the Inaugural Great Barrier Reef Masters Games. Then will compete in the Australian Masters Games in early October in Victoria 5th to 9th of October.

When he comes back he’ll head to Brazil for the World Masters Track and Field Championships which are from 16th to the 30th of October.

And he finally got his ‘Australian Track Suit and Uniform’. Todd was not good enough when younger but hey at 47, it is never too late to represent your country (better late than never they say!). So far over 3,000 athletes competing and that should rise over the next 3 weeks before entries close.

He is looking at Medals in Brazil, especially the Throws Pentathlon. Anyway we will keep you posted on his results from the above competitions.

Good luck Toddy!!!