James Ockelford

Congratulations James Ockelford!

Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of May! James (pictured above) has shown great commitment not only this month but throughout the past year. His consistent efforts to willingly help out the club in any circumstance win’s him this award. Without people like James helping out with the many thankless duties, the club would not be operational. It is thanks to people like him that make our club the best in WA… Keep up the great work!

James wins 2 x $30 Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant meal and $20 Slater-Gartrell Sports vouchers.

Slater Gartrell

Age: 23

Nickname: Jim

Height: 189cm

Starsign: Scientist

Fav / Athletics meeting: State Relays in the good old days

Fav / Video game: Skyrim

Fav/ Dessert: Iced Coffee

Fav / Drink: Iced Coffee

Fav/ Holiday spot: Hakuba, Nagano Japan

Fav / Other sport: AFL

Music: Huge variety, primarily rock, find rap hard to tolerate

TV Show: Top Gear

Annoying habits: Have been known to rock up late to things

 Movie: Forrest Gump

Place to relax: Garden

What would you do with $1million: Get pretty stressed thinking about what to do with it

Who would you take with you to a deserted island: Bear Grylls

When did you start Athletics: Age 8

Biggest Influence: Gravity

Pre comp ritual: Feel nervous, don’t talk to anybody

Are you superstitious: Certainly not

What do you like about North Beach Athletics: The only club in Perth where arrogance is not tolerated and being a good person is more important than winning races.

Favourite Training moment: When Leigh picked up that cone!

The Future: Getting back to where I was at age 16-17

Bella Fonte Italian-Restaurant-Perth