Taylor silver 100m

Congratulations Taylor Watson!

Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of March! Taylor (pictured above) has had an outstanding month. Her hard work and dedication has shown with a 0.5sec PB in the 100m resulting in a State Championship silver medal. The Blues Junior Vice-Captain is always willing to help and encourage others. This award will be presented to her at the North Beach Awards Night on this Friday. Taylor is also the first member to win this prestigious award twice! Keep up the great work.

Taylor wins a $50 Bella Fonte Italian Restaurant meal and $20 Slater-Gartrell Sports voucher.

Slater Gartrell

Age: 16

Nickname: Watsonator

Height: 167cm

Starsign: Aquarius

Fav / Athletics meeting: Peel Gift

Fav / Video game: It would have to be crash bandicoot on PlayStation – old but a classic!!!!!

Fav/ Dessert: Chocolate Pudding

Fav / Drink: Lemonade

Fav/ Holiday spot: Brisbane

Fav / Other sport: Basketball

Music: Everything!

TV Show: Packed to the Rafters

Annoying habits: People tell me I hum a lot

 Movie: The Castle

Place to relax: At the beach

What would you do with $1million: Give it to the people who actually need it.

Who would you take with you to a deserted island: Anyone but probs not Ella Italiano-Schmidt

When did you start Athletics: In U10’s (2006)

Biggest Influence: God

Pre comp ritual: Put on my long socks and listen to some pumping beats

Are you superstitious: No

What do you like about North Beach Athletics: It’s a fun club with a great sense of humour–everyone is always encouraging one another.

Favourite Training moment: Every session is my favourite-we have some great laughs and you can always count on someone to fall over.

The Future: I want to keep improving and see where it takes me.

Bella Fonte Italian-Restaurant-Perth