In the 26th edition of the North Beach Cross Country relays we have seen some solid performances on a fine and clear 21 degree winter’s day.

The Boy’s U18 event saw an outstanding 2.5km lap time recorded by Hamersley’s Jesse Hunt with a 9.04sec first lap split. In the Girls U18 the same honour was taken out by Mathilda Connell with an effort of 9.07sec in her first lap as well. The AWD fastest lap was won by North Beach speedster Andrew Bannister bringing home his second lap in 11.40sec, while Masters winner Bruce Wilson blazed around the course in a 10.59sec first lap.

The Men’s Open fastest lap was won by Paul Mackay in an outstanding time of 7.45sec with Women’s lap winner An Huston blitzing the course with a 9.12sec effort on her second lap.

In a very exciting finish to the day the Hamersley U18 Boys have snatched victory by only 1 sec to win the U18 Boys team event category. In other team results UWA performed well yet again taking out the Women’s U18 and the Women’s Open team events.

Congratulations to all the participants who took part on the day, and a huge thanks go to all the North Beach Athletics helpers and officials on making this XC event a huge success!

Results Below:

U18 Boy’s

1st Place Hamersley

             Name                               Lap 1                Lap 2                   Total

  1. Jesse Hunt                     9.04min             9.35min
  2. Liam Watson                 10.01min            10.00min
  3. Fraser Fullerton            9.16min              9.38min
  4. Zac Jurilj                         9.25min             10.06min          77.15min

2nd Place Mixed

  1. Liam Fitzsimons           9.42min             9.54min
  2. Jake Barber                    9.40min            9.56min
  3. Elliott Heywood            9.36min             9.37min
  4. Tristan Salleo                 10.12min          9.37min            77.16min

U18 Girl’s

1st Place UWA

  1. Mathilda Connell          9.07min              9.10min
  2. Maya Fernandes            9.51min              10.14min
  3. Amy McCormick            9.36min             9.55min            57.53min

2nd Place Mixed

  1. Kate Saifinger               10.02min, 10.08min, 10.27min
  2. Cathy Clarke                 10.01min, 10.27min, 10.14min    61.19min

3rd Place Mixed

  1. Susie Stockwell             9.33min          9.35min
  2. Emillee Salleo               10.01min         10.14min
  3. Tim Robinson               10.50min         11.17min               61.30min

4th Place Penrhos I

  1. Annabelle Standing     10.07min         10.41min
  2. Keely Waters                 10.13min           10.19min
  3. Alex Parker                    11.08min          11.31min             63.59min

5th Place Mixed

  1. Katrina Holmes            10.30min           11.14min
  2. Alicia Holmet                11.36min           11.45min
  3. Val Debruin                   11.17min             11.36min             68.08min

6th Place Penrhos II

  1. Zoe Robinson                11.24min             11.35min
  2. Georgia Emery              11.42min             11.58min
  3. Eliza Hickey                   11.49min             10.53min (repl) 69.21min


1st Place

  1. Andrew Bannister        11.48min            11.40min              22.88min


1st Place

  1. Bruce Wilson                 10.59min            11.20min             21.79min

Open Men

1st Place Mixed

  1. Tom Beard                     8.24min              8.43min
  2. Yunis Mohammed        8.15min               8.17min
  3. Stewart Caulfield          8.09min              8.18min
  4. Charlt Miller                  8.11min                8.33min             66.50min

2nd Place Mixed

  1. Ben Walton                   8.51min                 9.30min
  2. Paul Mackay                  7.45min                7.58min
  3. Justin Ghosty                8.28min                8.42min
  4. Jesse Thyer                   8.42min              9.15min            69.11min

Women Open

1st Place UWA

  1. Kelly McGinnity           9.56min                  10.07min
  2. An Huston                    9.14min                  9.12min
  3. Hannah Castle            9.19min                   9.29min            57.17min




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