Congratulations Andrew Bannister!

Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of January! Andrew is AWD T36 WA state champion in the 100m, 200m & 400m (and our first AWD to win this award). He wins this award for always giving his best efforts and showing great team spirit. Always willing to fly the flag for his club and competes at every opportunity he can. He is extremely consistant in his training work ethic and his attendance shows other team members how to properly prepare themselves for the challenging task ahead. ‘Bannerz’ pushes through most obsticles thrown in front of him and is a great inspiration for all his team mates around him.

Andrew wins $100 value.

Age: 19

Nickname: AB or Bannerz

History: Started with Fun runs and then joined Little Athletics in 2006. He is a member of Wheelchair Sports WA since 2008 and joined North Beach Athletics 2010. Competed for WA on 5 occasions. 2009: Australian Paralympic Youth Games (winning 2 Bronze medals) School Sports Australian Cross Country, 2010 Australian Open and AWD Championships, Australian Underage AWD Championships (winning bronze in the 200m), 2011 Australian Open and AWD Championships.
Lives: Sorrento
Fav/ Events: 200m 100m
Fav/ Athlete: Cadel Evans
Fav/ Food: Italian
Fav/ Drink: Coke
Music: Coldplay and Eskimo Joe
TV Show : Underbelly
Pets: Fish
Movie: Hot Fuzz
Fav Quote / Motto: Believe in yourself

The Future: To compete at the Paralympics

Andrew has a Congenital Brain Malformation: PNH PMG (Posterior) as well as Club Feet. Classification T36.