Congratulations Ben Knox!

Winner of the NBAthlete of the Month of September. Ben (pictured above) has shown excellent leadership and committment on a recent North Beach road trip to Geraldton and Mullewa. Competing in only his second season of athletics, Ben has won 3rd place in his first ever professional meeting (550m). His early 2011/12 registration shows he is committed to NBA and improving his personal best performances. This amazing work ethic and dedication will go along way to having a successful 2011/12 summer season.

Ben wins $100 value.

$25 Cash plus $50 @PowerPlay SportsĀ & $25 @Bella-Fonte Restaurant.

Age: 23

Nickname: Knoxy
History: Racquet sports and long distance running (late start to athletics in 2010).
Lives: Woodvale
Fav/ Events: 400m, 800m
Fav/ Athlete: Usain Bolt
Fav/ Food: Chicken Nuggets
Fav/ Drink: Not including beer? right, athletes don’t drink. I’ll just say chocolate protein shakes.
Music: Toto – Africa
TV Show: How I met your mother
Pets: Dog (Bonnie), fighting fish (Phelpsy)
Movie: Remember The Titans
Fav Quote / Motto: Pain is just weakness leaving the body
The Future: One day at a time