North Beach girls Monique Nicoloau, Ella Italiano-Schmidt, Paige Gavranich & Jess Mondello (pictured) have won bronze medals in the girls U18yo 4x400m relay. On a balmy night at the WA Athletics Stadium the blue girls in there first effort together recorded a time of 4min 22.89sec to claim third position. Competing against girls 3-4 years older than them has given them valueable experience for the future. 3 of the girls will compete in that age group for another 3-4 seasons to come. Look out!

The all important change over.

Girls squad on the warm up.

In other results North Beach men’s A and B team finished 5th & 6th in a time of 3min 32.53 and 3min50.29sec. The men’s teams included 6 runners who will play football this year.  The boys had a huge crack at claiming the medals but unfortunately came up short, on a night packed with quality seasoned runners including commonweatlth games representitives.

The squad stay relaxed before the race… (perhaps too relaxed?).

North Beach Blue boys always gracious in defeat.