The first annual ‘Hamersley Gift’ is on at Charles Riley Reserve, Saturday 29th of January at 10am. The race will celebrate the 40th birthdays of both Hamersley Little Athletics Centre and senior club North Beach Athletics and offers over $800 in prizemoney.

The race will invite the best runners from the City of Stirling area through Hamersley Little Athletics Centre and senior club members from North Beach Athletics.  Using a handicapping system that gives all runners an even chance to win, both males & females compete in the same race.  The race will be handicapped by WA Athletics.

This year’s race includes WA’s richest race winner 21yo Cole Unasa, in the 120m  City of Perth Gift 2010. He will be put among some of the best young up and coming talent in Hamersley Little Athletics Centre and the City of Stirling to race for the first prize.

With the winner’s trophy and first prize of $400, this will kick start the career of one of our young athletes towards greater achievements in the future. All eight race finalists will receive a boost in income with prize money kindly donated by Whitfords Tavern and presented by Tony Krstasevic MLA.

It is the hope of Hamersley Little Athletics Centre & North Beach Athletics clubs to open the event next year to anyone in the City of Stirling area, and attract some local sponsors to support the event annually.

2011 Hamersley Gift 120m Form Guide:

Heat 1 – 10am

  1. Cole Unasa (7.25m) – North Beach. Perth gift 120m winner 2010, 2nd Dardenup 70m sprint race 2010, 2nd Mullewa 70m sprint race 2010, 4th Mullewa 120m gift 2010. 100m PB: 11.14 (21/1/11). Has been pulled back 2m since Perth gift. Will be very tough to make it back to back wins. Fastest runner here still in contention.
  2. David Cicchini (10.75m) – North Beach. 5th Dardenup 70m sprint race 2010, 6th Dardenup 120m gift 2010, 8th Perth 120m gift 2010. Should improve from last outing.
  3. Tim Branston (13m) – North Beach junior captain, U18 state 100m bronze medalist 2010, 2nd Dardenup 120m novice race 2010. Winner NBA junior champion 2009/10. Moved out 1m since last run. Should be in contention from this mark.
  4. William Anscombe (13.25m) – North Beach. 18yo. 5th Dardenup 120m novice race 2010, 8th Dardenup 70m sprint 2010. Needs to show some form here.
  5. Mathew Mahood (13.5m) – North Beach. 17yo from Sth Africa. 100m SB 11.92 (21/1/11) WAAS. Making his pro debut here will need some luck.
  6. Beau Warner (16.5m) – Glendale LAC, U16B 100m SB 12.91. Pro debut.
  7. Spencer Goldberg (17.5m) – Glendale LAC, U16B 100m SB 13.10. Pro debut.
  8. Jessica Mondello (23.5m) – North Beach. 3rd U18 WA all schools 100m 2010. Fastest female here making her pro debut.
  9. Ella Italiano-Schmidt (24.5m) – Karrinyup LAC, U14G 100m SB 13.64. 2nd U14G 4x100m junior national championships 2010, 2nd U/14 girls 200m hurdles WA schools championships 2010, 3rd state 4x400m championships 2010. Very talented junior, could be a chance here if she can run at her best.
  10. Monique Nicolaou (26.5m) – Karrinyup LAC, U14G 100m SB 14.15. 3rd 4x400m state championships 2010. Talented junior making her pro debut.

Heat 2 – 10.05am

  1. Mathew Short (10.5m) – North Beach. 19yo. 400m SB 52.35, 100m SB 11.41 (14/1/11). Ran impressive 100m @WAAS on 14th Jan. He makes his professional debut and should be flying at the end.
  2. Leigh Edwards (11.5m) – North Beach. Mullewa gift 120m novice race winner 2009. 6th Perth 120m gift 2010, 7th Dardenup 120m gift 2010. Nicknamed ‘Mr. Finals’ he is in good form with 11.51 (100m) & 23.11 (200m) on 21st Jan. should start favorite. Big chance.
  3. Josh Baharthah (13.25m) – North Beach. Winner Mullewa 70m sprint 2009. 4th Perth 120m Gift 2010. 8th Mullewa 70m sprint 2010. Winner NBA professional running award 2009/10. Had no luck with pro season so far but from this mark is looking ominous.
  4. Ben Clark (13.5m) – North Beach. U20 state 200m bronze medalist 2010. 2nd Mullewa 550m 2010, 5th Mullewa 120m novice race 2010. 5th Dardenup 550m 2010. North Beach Football Club colt’s B&F winner 2010. Winner NBA ‘hardest trainer’ award 2009/10. A chance if he can lift here.
  5. Steven Rafty (15m) – North Beach club captain, 4th Perth 550m 2010, 4th Dardenup 550m 2010, 4th Mullewa 550m 2010, 6th Waikiki 120m gift 2009. Should be in the mix.
  6. Joseph Sabbagh (17.5m) – Oceanside LAC, U16B 100m SB 13.05. Will do his best work at the end of the race. Pro debut.
  7. Tom Wisken (20m) – North Beach LAC, U14B 100m SB 13.59. North Beach Junior Footballer. Will need to run his best to be a chance on debut.
  8. Paige Gavranich (24m) – North Beach. U14G 4th WA all schools 400m. Has recovered from recent injury to find just enough form for this race. Will need some luck here, but has speed to burn.
  9. Taylor Watson (25.5m) – Karrinyup LAC, U14G  100m SB 13.86. 2nd U14G 4x100m junior national championships 2010, 4th U14G triple jump junior national championships 2010, 3rd  U/14 girls high jump WA schools championships 2010. Very talented junior making her pro debut.

Final 11.15am

Top 4 placings in each heat progess into 8 person final.

1st Place- $400 + trophy,

2nd- $150, 3rd- $100, 4th- $75, 5th- $50, 6th- $40, 7th- $30, 8th- $20.

Trophies & awards presented by

Tony Krstasevic MLA

Member for Carine