Exciting 21yo North Beach sprinter Cole Unasa has won the inaugural $6000 ‘City of Perth Gift’. Cole (running in white) takes out the winners first prize & gold medal for his 12.1 second effort. Starting from a 9.25m handicap in front of the beautiful Swan River, Kings Park & Perth City backdrop, Cole powered away in the final stages to claim his & NBA’s first ever 120m  professional win. His North Beach team mates Josh Bahartha (4th), Leigh ‘Mr Finals’ Edwards (6th), and Dave Cicchini (8th) all made it through to the 8 person final.

Remarkably, popular North Beach runner Leigh Edwards continued his amazing handicap runnning form by making all pro finals he has entered, for the last two seasons. And Dave Cicchini, after his debut final in the Dardenup Gift makes his second final in two appearences.

Earlier in the day Blues captian Steve Rafty finished a narrow 4th in the open 550m handicap race. Ben Clarke finished a creditable 6th. See images of the day below.

120m Perth Gift Finalists (above) charge to the finish line. From left to right Josh Baharthah (Grey), Leigh Edwards (Black), Glenn Ross (Pink), David Cicchini (Green), Luke Major (Yellow), Courtney Heinze (Blue), Cole Unasa (White) & Bryce Teo (Red).

Blues capt. Rafty in yellow, Edwards in blue & Cicchini in white.

‘Mr Finals’ Leigh Edwards makes another in blue.

Cole sets his blocks before the final of the 120m.

The 8 finalists walk down to be introduced for the 1st annual ‘Perth Gift’.

Race colours go on, and final preparations before the big race.

North Beach runners assessing the Langley Park track and conditions for the day. ‘Hmm… looks like our home ground but without the potholes & skidmarks’.

Captain Rafty in yellow & other NBA runners Cicchini and Morlumbun prepare for the start.

Top row: (Team Coach) Paul Edmiston, (Gift Winner) Cole Unasa, Tim Branston, Ben Clarke & Leigh Edwards.

Bottom row: Mike Sala, Josh Bahartha & Dave Cicchini.


GIFT 120M     Final      
RED Bryce Teo 7.75   7 1m
WHITE Cole Unasa 9.25 12.1 1 winner
BLUE Courtney Heinze 9.75   5 <1m
YELLOW Luke Major 9.75   3 <1m
GREEN David Cicchini 10.75   8 2m
PINK Glenn Ross 11.50 12.2 2 <0.5m
BLACK Leigh Edwards 12.00   6 <1m
GREY Josh Baharthah 13.75   4 <1m