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North Beach Athletics has performed well yet again, in the first outing of the season. Exciting new Blues recruit 20yo Cole Unasa has placed 4th in the 120m ‘Mullewa Gift’ final, his very first professional meeting. He also placed 2nd in the first final of the day, the 70m sprint race. He was gaining ground all the way, and just missed out on winning the race by centimetres. He won $500 for his efforts in both races.

Footballer Ben ‘Bomber’ Clark fought couragesley all the way in the final of the 550m handicap, to just be pipped into 2nd place and wins $300. Captain Steve Rafty placed 4th in the final and will receive $150.

Josh Bahathah gave a solid performance throughout the day. He made the final of the 70m sprint ($25), and the repocharge in the 120m race.

Well done to all for making the trip north. Next outing – Dardenup on the 9thof October!