On the 30th of April 2010, North Beach Athletics athletes performed extremely well at the annual Sacred Heart College Interform Sports Carnival.


Year 10: Sam Hughes was a streak of lightning winning his A division 100m and 200m.
Meg Burns cruised to victory in her 1500m, as well as performing consistently throughout her 5 events for the day.
Year 11: In an awesome display Jessica Mondello broke a record in her A division 200m, won her A division 100m, and came 2nd in 400m. She also participated very well in 5 other events.
Cricketer Henry Anscombe placed well in his 100m and 200m
Speedster and tennis player Brod Walton ran well to win his 100m, coming 3rd in his 200m, and placing well in his 2 other events.
Year 12’s: Footballer & Wanneroo Gift novice finalist Nathan Caccamo won Champion Boy for his 3rd consecutive year, breaking a 20 year record in his A division 200m, winning his A division 100m, as well as discus, and placing well in his other 6 events.
William Anscombe‘s outstanding improvements continued and training over the summer payed off, coming 2nd in his A division 100m and A division 200m.
Superstar Kate Burns was Champion Girl, performing exceptionally well. She won her High Jump, Long Jump, Hurdles, 800m and 400m. She went on to come second in both her 100m A division and 200m A division and 1500, as well as performing fastastically well in her other 3 events.