Jade on her way

The article below is the stories of one of the Para-athletes that train at North Beach Athletic.  It was published in the West Australian.  Well done Jade!

Survivor falls in love with life

The West Australian

Jade Richards has a new goal to become an Australian Paralympian.

Snuggling up to the beautiful baby girl who may never have been, Jade Richards is cherishing life as a new mum getting closer to her Paralympic dream.

Three years ago, Ms Richards was lying on rail tracks at Perth’s McIver station, both legs severed below the knee after she was hit by a train. Her miracle survival gave her a second chance at life — then on August 25 the 20-year-old delivered daughter Olive Miah Ann O’Sullivan.

“Life is going beautifully,” Ms Richards said this week.

“I think it was meant to be and this is who I am, Olive’s mum. Life is so cool and not everyone realises it. We have to think about how amazing it is to be alive.”

Ms Richards’ remarkable recovery has been so compelling that it moved Brad Ness, Australia’s flag-bearer at last year’s Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games, to say he had barely seen a more compelling turnaround.

“It’s quite a transformation,” the four-times Paralympian told The Weekend West.

After a difficult 2016, it was a moment on the eve of this year that brought new optimism for Ms Richards and the love of her life Nick O’Sullivan.


Jade Richards, who lost both legs when she was hit by a train in 2014, with her three-month-old daughter Olive.

“I never make resolutions and last year it was, ‘Say yes to life’,” Ms Richards said.

“Then two weeks later I find out I’m pregnant. Last year wasn’t that great and I wasn’t saying yes to life. I was looking for substance, looking for something in the wrong places.

“I’m still finding myself really but I’m totally in love with Nick and in love with life. I feel so lucky.”

Ms Richards laughed that their relationship started at a party after Mr O’Sullivan approached her and said she looked like a Pizza Hut worker in the outfit she was wearing.

It is appreciation of humour that contrasts with her ordeal — it included two months in Royal Perth Hospital’s trauma unit, two weeks at Shenton Park Rehabilitation Hospital and 15 operations.


“I was lost for a long time,” she said. “Like, ‘Where is my place in the universe, what am I doing and why me?’ When the train hit me, I thought I was going to die. I was alert, awake and when I went to get up, I saw no legs. It was crazy.

“But I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything changes and you have to be comfortable with change. Change is beautiful and it’s scary and you just have to accept it.”

While life turned sour for South Africa’s shamed Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, who was known as the Blade Runner, the athletic potential of Perth’s “Jade Runner” is in its infancy. She speaks with a maturity beyond her years and is adamant she will reach her elite athletic goals.

A promising swimmer, athlete and gymnast before the accident, Ms Richards is making rapid progress under coach Mark Bannister. She is running with the new blades she dreamt about as she lay in her trauma unit bed.

Ms Richards has already learnt to run on the prosthetics she calls her “day legs” and while the blades force her on to the tips to run, she is eagerly eyeing sprint glory at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

“It would be the ultimate goal,” she said. “I didn’t even think it would be possible to walk again for a long time.

“I think everything is possible.”



President & Head Coach Retires

The President and Head Coach of North Beach Athletics Paul Edmiston has officially announced today he is retiring from club athletics coaching at the end of September 2017.

“After almost 10 years with North Beach Athletics I feel the time is right to retire as President & Head Coach of the club.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Blues and would like to thank my family, the committee and members that supported me through this fantastic period. I am incredibly honoured and proud of what we have achieved together.” – Paul Edmiston.

Head Coach 2008-2017
President 2009-2015 & 2016-2017

His coaching record

World (Open)
2017 World Championships – Coaching medalist (first & only WA coach)
2017 World Championships – Sarah Edmiston F44 3rd place Discus & 7th place Shot Put
2013 World Championships – Chad Perris T13 5th place 100m & 10th place 200m
National (Open & Junior)
38 representatives
12 medals = 3 Gold, 4 Silver & 5 Bronze.
State (Open & Junior)
133 medals = 37 Gold, 39 Silver & 32 Bronze.
Club (Open & Junior)
64 Club Records
Professional (Open & Junior)
1 x VIC 120m Gift Winner
13 x WA 120m Gift Winners
5 x WCAL Championship Team (2012-2017)
5 x WCAL Coach of the Year (2012-2017)
Prizemoney = $42362.50


Sarah wins World Championship Bronze

Congratulations Sarah Edmiston!

She wins the bronze medal for #TeamAUS in the F44 discus at the 2017 World Para Athletics Championships in London.

It’s the first and only individual World Athletics Championship medal won by a WA state resident. Also the first and only World Championship medal won by a member of North Beach in the clubs 46 year history. And her husband Paul is the first and only WA coach to receive a World Athletics Championship medal also.

With her nervous first throw landing 32.42m and into the bronze medal position Sarah made the top 8 and that was enough to go through to the final rounds, with another 3 throws available. Her second effort improved to 33.65m and her third was her best throw of the day with 33.80m (OR & AR).

The two Chinese throwers in the meantime had thrown a huge 39.72 (YEO Juan) and 38.25m (YANG Yue) in the first rounds to claim first and second positions. Sarah decided as she was clear of the 4th place competitor (Germany’s Fredericke KOLEISKI, 30.98m) it was time to go after the two Chinese best throws.

“I felt reasonably comfortable that I would finish third, so I just went after some big throws in the final rounds” said Sarah. “But, in the end I am extremely happy to have got what I came here for and that is a medal!”.

Unfortunately, with the extra effort came some huge fouls out of the sector boundary in her final 3 rounds but it was still enough to claim the WORLD BRONZE MEDAL!!! Even with Fredericke throwing a personal best of 32.69m on her final round.

“This has been a tremendous learning experience for both of us and we have come away with lot’s to work on” says coach  Paul “But for now we will really enjoy the moment and achievement”.

Sarah will compete in the F44 Shot Put early Sunday morning 2.30am WST.

2017 Australian Athletics Championships

2017 Australian Athletics Championships
Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre – 26/03/2017 to 2/04/2017

Sarah win’s the club first ever Open National GOLD 🥇 medal!

Congratulations to our best ever nationals team!

2017 (Sydney – 9 representatives. 9 medals – GOLD (Edmiston|Rousseau), SILVER (Gartlan|Rousseau x2|Dixon|WA team relay) & BRONZE (Edmiston|Pelser)

2016 (Perth – 13 representatives. 3 medals – GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE (WA team relays)
2015 (Sydney – 9 representatives. 2 medals – GOLD (Rass) SILVER (Pelser)
2014 (Sydney – 3 representatives. 2 medals – BRONZE (Pelser & WA team relay)

Event 1 Women Hammer Throw U18

15 Moore, Caitlin 02 WA 39.54m           
30.21m  37.80m  39.54m

Event 43 Men Discus Throw U18

2 🥈 Gartlan, Liam 00 WA 52.96m PB CR

Event 46 Heptathlon: #1 Women 90 Metre Hurdles U16

Section 2 Wind: 1.1
2 Richards, Leah 02 WA 13.13 1105 PB & CR

Event 59 Heptathlon: #2 Women High Jump U16

2 Richards, Leah 02 WA  1.65m 795 =PB         
1.50 1.53 1.56 1.59 1.62 1.65 1.68                                          
  O    -    O    O  XXO    O  XXX

Event 69 Men Discus Throw U20

5 Gartlan, Liam  00 WA 48.00m PB & CR          
X  X  48.00m  X  X  X

Event 77 Heptathlon: #3 Women Shot Put U16

9 Richards, Leah 02 WA 9.86m 520 PB        
9.86m  8.81m  9.82m

Event 90 Heptathlon: #4 Women 200 Metre U16

Section  1     Wind: 1.4                                                                 
2 Richards, Leah 02 WA 27.03 709 PB

Event 121 Men 4×100 Metre Relay U18

4 WA 42.68           
1) Morehead, Jayden 01             2) Rajakovic, Stefan 01           
3) Pelser, Adriaan 00              4) Paget, Kian 01

Event 127 Heptathlon: #5 Women Long Jump U16

1 Richards, Leah 02 WA 5.38m   0.5    665          
5.30m(1.3) 5.38m(0.5) 5.10m(1.1)

Event 141 Heptathlon: #6 Women Javelin Throw U16

10 Richards, Leah  02 WA  26.97m  419   PB
26.97m  X  X

Event 154 Women 100 Metre Hurdles U17

Heat  2 Preliminaries   Wind: +0.0                                                
5 Robinson, Ellen 01 WA  15.51

Event 159 Men 110 Metre Hurdles U18

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: -0.4                                                      
2 Pelser, Adriaan 00 WA 14.42Q

Event 161 Heptathlon: #7 Women 800 Metre U16

Section  2                                                                          
8 Richards, Leah 02 WA 2:42.30 547 PB

Event 178 Men 110 Metre Hurdles U18

3 🥉 Pelser, Adriaan 00 WA  14.45 -2.4

Event 196 Men Hammer Throw U15

2 🥈 Rousseau, Etienne 03 WA 46.00m PB          
44.36m  X  42.50m  46.00m

Event 203 Women 200 Metre Hurdles U16

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: 1.1
7 Porter, Catherine  02 WA  31.24

Event 209 Women Discus Throw U16

11 Moore, Caitlin  02 WA 32.48m           
30.02m  32.48m  31.33m

Event 225 Mixed Shot Put Junior Secur U20

2 🥈 Dixon F33, Layne W01 WA 1.97m  37.45%   
1.94m  1.81m  1.85m  1.90m  1.87m  1.97m

Event 276 Men Javelin Throw U15

4 Rousseau, Etienne 03 WA 42.39m PB          
42.39m  41.48m  40.22m  41.99m

Event 279 Women 4×400 Metre Relay U20

4 WA 3:57.45           
1) Hynes, Sarah 99   2) Whyte, Jade 01                 
3) Porter, Catherine 02   4) Wright, Lauren 98

Event 304 Women 200 Metre U16

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: -1.5                                                
7 Porter, Catherine  02 WA 27.30

Event 308 Women 200 Metre U14

Heat  1 Preliminaries   Wind: -1.7                                                
3 Pisano, Talia 04 WA 28.13

Event 321 Women 80 Metre Hurdles U14

Heat  2 Preliminaries   Wind: -3.1                                                
3 Pisano, Talia 04 WA  13.37Q

Event 351 Women Discus Throw Ambulant Open

1 🥇 Edmiston F44, Sarah 75 WA 34.31m WCQ 77.05%   
31.06m  33.81m  X  33.91m  34.31m  32.98m

Event 380 Women 80 Metre Hurdles U14

5 Pisano, Talia 04 WA  13.19  0.6

Event 390 Women 400 Metre U16

Heat  2 Preliminaries                                                        
5 Porter, Catherine 02 WA 59.09 PB

Event 412 Men Shot Put U15

1 🥇 Rousseau, Etienne 03 WA 14.34m PB          
12.52m  14.34m  13.41m  14.31m

Event 436 Men Discus Throw U15

2 🥈 Rousseau, Etienne  03 WA  49.98m PB          
44.89m  48.79m  X  49.98m

Event 463 Women 100 Metre U14

Heat  2 Preliminaries   Wind: 0.2                                                 
9 Pisano, Talia  04 WA  13.46

Event 488 Women 4×100 Metre Relay U14

2 🥈 WA 50.42           
1) Pisano, Talia 04  2) Le Tessier, Vivienne 04        
3) Prinsloo, Monique 04   4) Lankester, Skye 04

Event 511 Women Hammer Throw U16

5 Moore, Caitlin  02 WA  38.23m           
X  36.68m  38.23m  X

Event 515 Women Shot Put Ambulant Open

3 🥉 Edmiston F44, Sarah  75 WA 8.23m  62.63%   
7.30m  8.23m  7.88m  X  7.76m  7.82m
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